Projects: Advancing Culturally Relevant Gender Based Analysis in Indigenous Research on Renewable Energy Futures and Health

Project Brief

As part of A SHARED Future, the project has incorporated a role of ‘Sex and Gender Champion’ to work towards ensuring that all research attends to culturally relevant understandings of sex, gender, and related concepts. Working with the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), our positions as Sex and Gender Co-Champions have enabled us to collaborate with A SHARED Future to work on placing gender front and centre in its work. The development of a “Living Compendium” Guide and Toolkit of Sex and Gender-related resources (available to all researchers and partners) has provided A SHARED Future researchers with an overview of the development of sex and gender-based analysis (SGBA) through to culturally-relevant gender-based analysis (CRGBA). CRGBA is a progressive framework provided by NWAC that pushes “conventional” SGBA to do more to recognize the impact that colonialism has had on Indigenous understandings of gender and gendered relationships.

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From left: Sophy Chan, Jeff Masuda, and Sarah Harney

A SHARED Future Programmatic Steering Committee. Photo credit Marc Calabretta


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