Projects: Urban Indigenous Communities and Our Shared Energy Futures

Project Brief

This community-driven and participatory action research project expects to play a role in supporting urban Indigenous organizations and communities to identify and advance their energy priorities. Based in Queen’s University, Jeff Masuda (Project Co-Lead) and Carlos Sanchez (Project Assistant) are having conversations with Indigenous leaders and organizations to receive guidance on project development. Carlos and Jeff have held a brainstorming event with young Indigenous leaders to explore the feasibility of a youth-led project. Additionally, they held meetings with members of two provincial Indigenous organizations, a friendship centre, a non-for-profit environmental organization and a funding provider to explore potential partnerships. Final project co-leads, partners and advisory committee are TBD.

Project Updates

We are happy to announce that the project team consolidated a partnership with M’Wikwedong in June. M’Wikwedong has over 18 years of experience working as a Friendship Centre in Owen Sound, Ontario, acting as a hub for community programming and service delivery for Indigenous peoples living off- reserve within Grey and Bruce counties

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Visit to Soundings Exhibition at Queen’s University with young Indigenous leaders. Photo by Carlos Sanchez-Pimienta.

Site in Lake Ontario where an offering was put down to ask permission and guidance for conducting this research. Photo by Carlos Sanchez-Pimienta.


Project Team


Advisory Committee