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Project Description

Project Brief

This project aims to foster and deepen reconciliation amongst Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI) members and stakeholders, in collaboration with the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources. It supports CEPI’s goals to establish a renewed and nuanced commitment to Two-Eyed Seeing within the organization and to explore possibilities for sustainable economic development such as renewable energy.




  1. Understand the possibilities, pitfalls, and complexities of implementing two-eyed seeing within a long-term intersectoral partnership focused on human-Land health.
  2. Foster reflexivity, co-learning, and reconciliation within CEPI, by deepening CEPI members’ understanding of two-eyed seeing, and strengthening their (our) capacity and commitment to enact two-eyed seeing.
  3. Support interested L’nu Communities in Unama’ki, and within CEPI, to imagine (through two-eyed seeing) next steps towards renewable energy development
  4. Consider gendered dimensions of research within the context of CEPI. As our project Elder told us, in L’nu culture and communities, gender was not typically an attribute or identity marker that was central to co-learning, and explained that rather than gender, ‘gifts’ of an individual was a more salient factor in a person’s identity and interrelations. We will explore how a culturally-relevant sex and gender-based analysis fits within the context of CEPI and our Elder’s teaching.
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