Elder Barbara Dumont Hill

Elder, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

A First Nations Algonquin born on the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Reserve, Barbara will provide advisory support and ceremonial services throughout the duration of this research program. She helped developed the program’s conceptual and methodological approach based on her traditional teachings of the four elements.


The Co-Directors of A SHARED Future are Dr. Heather Castleden, Impact Chair in Transformational Governance for Planetary Health at The University of Victoria, and Dr. Diana Lewis, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Health Governance and Assistant Professor at The University of Guelph.

Programmatic Steering Committee

The Programmatic Steering Committee (PSC) is comprised of six members that each serve as the Principal Investigator on one or more projects and are affiliated with a Canadian academic institution. The PSC is the primary governing body for A SHARED Future on all non-financial matters and is bound to a terms of reference that is consciously revised throughout the research program as a living document. The Programmatic Steering Committee is: Heather Castleden (University of Victoria), Diana Lewis (University of Guelph), Debbie Martin (Dalhousie University), Mary Beth Doucette (Cape Breton University), Jeff Masuda (University of Victoria), and Hannah Tait Neufeld (University of Waterloo)