Project Brief

A SHARED Future explores intersectoral partnerships associated with renewable energy projects. As we examine the development of these projects in relation to Indigenous Peoples’ leadership, nation-to-nation collaboration, reconciliation between knowledge systems, and understandings of health, the A SHARED Future team is committed to paying close attention to how gender matters throughout our work, using the lens of Indigenous understandings of gender. For this purpose, we have partnered with the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) to promote greater uptake of their Culturally Relevant Gender-Based Analysis framework (CRGBA) in all phases of the research process.

Project Updates

At the last A SHARED Future Retreat in December 2019, we were pleased to facilitate a sharing circle with Academic Co-Leads as a follow-up for us to discuss the preliminary report about the gendered dimensions of our research projects. The sharing circle was an evocative experience that displayed the remarkable interest of all participating members of A SHARED Future in prioritizing this type of conversation. The insights from the conversations will be incorporated into our “living” document on team perspectives of Culturally Relevant Gender Based Analysis, and eventually combined with the “living” compendium that reflects on the broader literature.

Jeff, Carlos, and Hollie are planning a meeting to discuss ways how Hollie can play a role in A SHARED Future, both as our new Gender Co-Champion and International Advisory Committee Member. The research team has completed the transcription of the sharing circle discussion held at the A SHARED Future retreat last December 2019. Our team will incorporate the insights from our sharing circle into the report we shared at the last retreat and update the Living Gender Compendium with new resources.

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A SHARED Future Living Compendium

The team has produced a compendium that can provide resources and guides to help researchers to approach decolonization from a gendered perspective and attempt this work in a good way. This compendium is a living document and will be revised throughout the research program. You can view the A SHARED Future Living Compendium 1.0 here. The 2.0 version of the Compendium will be released in the latter half of 2020.

REFERENCE: Masuda, J., Harney, S., Chan, S., Nowell, M., & Kruger, A. (2018). A SHARED Future Living Compendium 1.0. Guide and Toolkit. A resource from your gender co-champions. Kingston, Canada: Centre for Environmental Health Equity.

From left: Sophy Chan, Jeff Masuda, and Sarah Harney

A SHARED Future Programmatic Steering Committee. Photo credit Marc Calabretta

Intended Impact

Our team has supported A SHARED Future partners through three main initiatives:

1) advocacy for the incorporation of team members with the role of ‘Gender Champion’ to work towards ensuring our research attends to culturally relevant understandings of gender, and related concepts;

2) the ongoing compilation of gender-related research resources in a regularly updated “Living Compendium – Guide and Toolkit” available to all A SHARED Future partners; and

3) the facilitation of reflexive conversations among A SHARED Future partners about our collective learning and practical implementation of CRGBA across our research projects through interviews and sharing circles.

Project Team


Jeff Masuda, Hollie Sabourin

Project Assistant

Carlos Sánchez-Pimienta

Advisory Committee

Programmatic Steering Committee


Native Women’s Association of Canada